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Do you need to take a fresh look at your photography?

We have been the number one choice for conventional photography for the past 30 years, producing beautiful images to client briefs.
Now, we're combining our vast experience in conventional photography with the skills, flair and passion of our talented CGI team – not to mention our zest to deliver your project on time and on budget – to bring you the most photorealistic computer-generated imagery in the world.

We are a team of dedicated experts who apply cutting edge CGI software to turn a basic sketch, plan or CAD drawing into amazingly realistic 3D images designed to inject creativity into your marketing activity.

We're supported by a full digital studio and full time stylists, working together to produce powerful and unique images designed to perfectly fit your requirements.

We offer full project management, including art direction - our creative team is highly skilled in visualising the most incredibly lifelike images, which are brought to life by our technical experts.
CGImagery was set up to complement the full photography service offered by our sister company, Scott Dawson Advertising.

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