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What we do

Mixing the old with the new

Creative – Lifelike – Flexible

CGImagery provides a service that fits around you and your requirements.

We can take an existing image and alter it to suit a specific brief or purpose, or design an entire set and all of the products within it completely from scratch – our personalised service is whatever you want it to be.

Computer generated imagery has been used for years to change elements of an image – the difference now is that the software available enables us to push the boundaries of what we can achieve to the ultimate level..

Using cutting edge technology, we can create something incredible from nothing.

Set design

Set design

The start of something special...

Your 3D image begins as a simple sketch, plan or CAD drawing. This can be supplied by you, or we can design it from your initial brief or ideas.

Once we've established the basic structure of your image, it becomes a backdrop for us to build upon.

At every stage in the process, our dedicated and highly skilled team works tirelessly to breathe life into your dreams and create something very special...



Visualising your image

Now the frame is in place, we can work with you to populate it with all the components that will turn it into a truly innovative and fully realistic 3D visualisation.

Consider what your image is trying to achieve... think about colours, style, props and the overall message. What are the key elements that we need to pull together to produce your dream image? What are the finer details that will set it apart from your competitors' photography?

Together, we'll create a show-stopping image to keep you ahead of the game in complete 3D visualisation...

Basic design & props

Basic design & props

Bringing your image to life

Now that all the individual elements have been chosen, we'll start weaving them together to create a masterpiece.

We have a library of props to choose from - browse more than 1,000 images to find the perfect fit.

Our CGI software and 3D software is compatible with all CAD programmes, so we can use your CAD drawings to incorporate your product into the finished image.

All the pieces matter... so by fusing all of the carefully chosen ingredients, we can guarantee that the finished product is stunning in its innovation, accuracy and originality.

Rendered image

Rendered image

The finished product

Finally, your image has been brought to life...

Now that all of the vital elements are in place, we can fine-tune the image to find out what works for you, and decide how best to showcase your products through 3D rendering.

We can manipulate every aspect of the image to shape it into your ideal shot- refining colours, textiles, styles, positioning, lighting, movement and decorations.

Detail image

Detail image

A 360 view...

The final image now exists through computer-generated pushing the limits of what's possible, we've built something truly breathtaking.

View it from any angle, pinpoint specific details and zoom in to highlight different product features... the choice is yours.

The benefits

The benefits

There are so many reasons to choose CGI..
  • Create breathtaking, show-stopping 3D images
  • Eliminate boundaries
  • Achieve location shots without travel expenses
  • Produce the highest quality roomsets without supplying actual products
  • Save money by choosing this cost-effective method
  • Build a library of props for future images
  • Stay ahead of the game when you choose this innovative technology

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